Tick It

The "Tick-It" project showcases my expertise in Django and React, as well as my ability to lead the deployment process for the backend and frontend. I take pride in my extensive debugging skills and my dedication to finding effective solutions to challenges during the development process. This project exemplifies my commitment to delivering high-quality and user-centric applications that leave a positive impact on users' experiences.

Deployed Site | GitHub Front End | GitHub Backend 


DailyDish is a food subscription service that brings the convenience of chef-curated recipes and ready-to-cook ingredients right at your doorstep. Our platform takes the guesswork out of your daily meal planning and simplifies the cooking process with easy-to-follow steps. DailyDish empowers you to customize your meal plan, providing a vast array of options to cater to your dietary preferences and needs.

Our website uses Stripe for a hassle-free, secure checkout process with multiple payment options. We've also implemented user data persistence with React's useContext hook and local storage, allowing seamless user experiences across pages and reloads. User passwords are hashed on the backend with bcryptjs, ensuring the utmost security for user accounts. Google Identity Services API is also integrated, offering an option for Google OAuth.

Additionally, we've built an intuitive admin panel for both user and admin. Users can change their account settings, and administrators can view and manipulate site and user details as necessary.

Deployed Site | GitHub 

Evening, Seedling

The Evening, Seedling! project demonstrates my proficiency in Vanilla JavaScript and my ability to create interactive and educational applications that captivate users and promote learning in a fun and engaging manner.


Character Creator

The "Character Creator" project showcases my proficiency in using MongoDB, Express, and Node.js for back-end development and highlights my extensive use of vanilla CSS to create a visually appealing front-end. This project reflects my passion for web development and my ability to design and build innovative applications with practical and engaging functionalities.